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“Police are still collecting information, but as of this moment, a 49-year old who made sexual advances towards my 14-year-old daughter is in jail and facing at least one count of child pornography,” said Sheila F from Iowa. “Posing as a teen boy on Facebook, this man tried to get my daughter to go to a webcam chat and suggested she send nude pictures.”

“Without SPECTOR PRO we never would have found this out,” said Sheila F. “Once apprehended, it became apparent that this out-of-state man had been communicating with quite a few other underage girls trying to lure them to his house…suggesting they go to hotels, and just like with my daughter, requesting nude pictures… Read the full story »

“I am so grateful for Spector Pro…

I believe Spector Pro has enabled me to stop some potentially dangerous and embarrassing situations that my teenager had gotten into. I am so grateful for this program. People ask me why I spy on my kids…I don't feel like it's spying…at the tender age of 14 my daughter is blind to many social situations that are damaging.”

Marianne Foley—Upper Black Eddy, PA

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PC Magazine Editor's Choice, About.com Five Stars, Top Ten Reviews Gold Award, Mom's Choice Award

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ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News

Records all websites visited, online searches, social network activity, messages sent and received, applications used and more…

You can rewind, fast forward, and play back everything—just like watching a movie on your DVR!

Can be used in visible mode (your kids will know it's there) or invisible mode ( your kids won't know it's there) depending on your needs.

Easy to configure, easy to use.

Lisa Knoppe—St. Louis, MO

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