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Dangers, Temptations, and FlirtationsWe Capture Them All.

Parents are busy people. You have obligations and stresses and somewhere in the middle of it, you have to raise your kids. You want to trust that your family always makes good choices, but hidden dangers, salacious websites and inappropriate relationships lurk behind every corner of the Internet. Before SPECTOR PRO, parents had to snoop, prod and pry to make sure their kids were safe. Now, they just have to log in.

SPECTOR PRO captures every keystroke—online searches, emails, chats and activity on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, so you can protect your family from the dangers of inappropriate online behavior. It is the most respected monitoring software in the world and is easy to use, even for the “technologically challenged.” Download SPECTOR PRO now and begin tracking your kids’ activity within minutes! Installation is easy and if you need any help, you can contact support via online chat, email or telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How We Solve the Problems of Parenting. How We Help You Stress a Little Less.

Monitor Activity on Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace provide the perfect environment for bullying and other inappropriate behavior, but SPECTOR PRO enables you to stop problems before they start. It gives you access to all the photos, comments and videos your kids post as well as who they “friend”, the messages they exchange and the chat they engage in.

View Online Searches

Kids are curious by nature. By monitoring their online search, you know which discussions are necessary and which ones can wait.

View Websites Visited

Ensure your kids are only exposed to age appropriate material. SPECTOR PRO allows you to see the sites they visit and then block future access if there is cause for concern.

Access All Chat Activity

Chat conversations and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. That way you know what they’re saying to others and what others are saying to them.

See Actual Screenshots – Video-Style Playback

Accidents happen, so SPECTOR PRO doesn’t just tell you the website where your kids landed, it shows you everything they did to get there, in the exact order they did it.

View Remotely

SPECTOR PRO allows you to view your kids’ activity over your local home network or Wi-Fi connection so you can periodically check in and keep them on task.

Top 10 Reports

Don’t have time to monitor all Internet and PC activity? Get Top 10 reports from SPECTOR PRO that show you the Top 10 people, websites and searches your children access.

Monitor Email Activity

Stop inappropriate relationships before they inflict irreparable damage by checking the messages your kids are sending and receiving.

Record Keystrokes

This includes usernames and passwords to inappropriate sites.

Track File Downloads

Capture files downloaded via the Internet. Illegal software downloads, pornographic pictures or video, music files, online gambling software and more are automatically recorded.

Track the Programs They Run

They say they’re doing their homework, but know for sure by tracking when certain programs (like iTunes and gaming software) are opened and for how long.

Available for both Windows and Mac

Buy Now for PC – $99.95 Buy Now for Mac – $99.95

How We Support Your Decision

Hidden Software

Why fight about their internet usage before there’s a reason? We know you’re just trying to protect your kids, even if they don’t see it that way. That’s why our software runs in the background without any indication it exists on your computer.

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Email Alerts

You can’t always check in on your SPECTOR PRO account, that’s why it sends you email alerts if your kids are using or viewing keywords or phrases you find dangerous.

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Live Support

You can reach a live support person via online chat, email or phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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