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eBLASTER Mobile for Android

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You Gave Your Child Freedom.Ensure They Are Using it Wisely.

69% of U.S. adults think smartphones increase the risks to teen safety*

Is your child where they told you they’d be? Who are they chatting with late at night? Are they being responsible with their reputation? These are important questions parents must ask themselves when they put the power of the Internet into their child’s hands, and eBLASTER Mobile answers them all. Our software allows parents to monitor and audit their children’s smartphone behavior, providing essential data on their calls, texts, chats, location, the pictures they take, and the files they download.

With eBLASTER Mobile you can:

  • Understand how your child is using their smartphone.
  • Ensure all photos taken and messages sent and received are age appropriate.
  • Stop dangerous relationships before they start.
  • Protect your child from cyberbullying.
  • Make sure your child is where they said they would be.
  • Receive message alerts and activity updates via email as often as you choose.
  • Change your settings from any computer through a secure link.
  • Rest assured with tamper-proof technology.
  • Compatible with both BlackBerry and Android.
  • Easy to install with 24/7 support at your fingertips.

Harness the Power of the Internet. The Power of Our Information.

Location Tracking

eBLASTER Mobile uses the GPS on your child’s smartphone to make sure they are really at school, their friend’s house, or wherever else they are supposed to be. All you have to do is go online and set up a boundary, and then we’ll let you know immediately if they leave the area.

View Web Browsing History

Review the address of EVERY website your child visits. Find out if your children are visiting inappropriate websites and how frequently they are visited. Know if your kids are spending too much time surfing for fun when they should be learning.

Audit SMS/Text and MMS Messages

Sometimes kids are mean to each other and sometimes they fall prey to inappropriate attention because they just want to belong. Receive transcripts that include both sides of text message conversations (even those that were deleted) so that you know exactly who said what, to whom.

Check Call Logs

See who your child called and who is calling them and for how long they talked. Find out if your children are talking on the phone during times when you have asked them not to…such as after their bedtime.

Activity Reporting

We keep you “in the know” by sending you automatic updates on your child’s smartphone usage. You choose what information you want to know, and how often you want to know it. You can also set up immediate alerts should your child leave a specified area or send or receive inappropriate messages or content.


eBLASTER® Mobile uses tamper-proof technology so you don’t have to worry about someone else getting their hands on your family’s information.

Remote Access

eBLASTER® Mobile is easy for everyone to use. Just install once and monitor settings and information from any computer through a secure link.

Runs in the Background

Why have the fight about their smartphone usage before you have to? eBLASTER® Mobile runs in the background so that you’re the only one who knows it’s there.

Available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones

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Smart Phone Safety Tips For Parents

  • Tip #1

    Communicate with your child upfront that you are the ultimate owner of the phone, since you are the one paying the bills. Therefore, you should have access to it, including any passwords.

  • Tip #2

    The power of the Internet is now in your child’s hands, so it is important to discuss the content they download, what services they can use, and with whom they are allowed to communicate.

  • Tip #3

    Make sure your child understands basic Internet safety, including the golden rule: never give out personal information to a stranger online.

  • Tip #4

    Set clear expectations with your child about when and where they are allowed to use their phone. Don’t assume they understand the repercussions of their actions (e.g. how photos they take can end up in unintended places). Err on the side of caution and be very explicit about what they can take pictures of, and what they can’t.