Spector 360 Employee Monitoring Software Records Every Activity On The Computer and the Internet

SpectorSoft monitoring technology catches everything. Nothing is left to the imagination, and in an investigation, that’s critical. There’s no ‘he said, she said.’
– Eric Skillingstad, Mobridge Regional Hospital

Employee Monitoring with SPECTOR 360 allows you to:

Trying to see who is working and who’s not? Wanting to know if someone is stealing from the company? Monitoring employee computers allows companies to quickly identify and address inappropriate behavior. Instead of monitoring firewalls, servers, USB ports, websites visited and the other “usual suspects”, monitor actions at the source of the problem: the employee’s computer. If you are monitoring every action on the computer, you will see every detail of your employee’s workday. With SPECTOR 360 employee monitoring, you’ll never miss a thing.

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  • Monitor activity across devices

    SPECTOR 360 captures employee activities performed on Windows, Mac and BlackBerry devices automatically storing the activity data centrally for further auditing.

    Stay up-to-date on all activity

    Receive scheduled reports on desired activity to provide an overview of what’s going on in your organization. Instant Alerts are also sent based on specific keywords, program activity, printing and more.

    Every activity, in complete detail

    Drill down and see the individual activities in question. Replay computer activities with Screen Playback.

  • Never miss a thing

    Because SPECTOR 360 runs on your Mac and Windows clients, you capture every single screen, keystroke, file transfer, Facebook entry, etc. You name it, SPECTOR 360 captures it.

    Know what they’re really doing

    SPECTOR 360 differentiates application usage into Active, Focused and Total Time to tell exactly how the user was interacting with each program. Active when it’s open, Focused when they are working with it and Total being the sum of the two.

  • Informed… without the effort

    Scheduled reports via email help you keep track of activity trends so you can see your top producers, top offenders and everything in between.

    We’re always watching… so you don’t have to

    SPECTOR 360 has over 90 individual activity types to alert you via email to exactly who is copying sensitive files, surfing Facebook, printing documents, downloading files and more.

  • Activities in Context

    Video playback of screen captures tells the story around the actions in question, providing context where lists of actions alone fall short.

    Dig into the details

    SPECTOR 360 uses dashboards and Event views to help you navigate to the user, activity or specific action to identify exactly what is happening in your organization.

    Not everyone needs to see everything

    Because the reviewing needs of HR, IT and management are all different, SPECTOR 360 allows you to restrict which users, groups and activities are visible. Usernames can even be obfuscated to allow for reviewing of trends without exposing specific users’ activities.